About: Help Hedgehog Hospitals Project 2017-2022

Why do Hedgehogs Need Help?

The UK hedgehog population has declined by 97% since the 1950's, and the rate of loss appears to have accelerated in recent years. Having outlived the Sabre-toothed Tiger, it appears that human activities are taking this beautiful iconic species to the edge of extinction in Britain. 

Does the Decline in UK Hedgehog Populations Affect Society?

YES!! Hedgehogs form part of ecosystems - the web of life. These ecosystems maintain the balance of nature, allowing it to provide air, food, health, water and well being. The State of Nature directly affects human health and well being. The plight of the hedgehog is just one indicator that shows that all is not well across the great British countryside and our urban landscapes. In fact the UK has recently been ranked 189th out of 218 countries in terms of how well it is looking after nature. We need to protect nature, because we are part of the web of life and nature looks after us!

OK! So Why Launch a Five Year Plan to HELP HEDGEHOG HOSPITALS?

The great news is that there are many ways that we can ALL help spark a revival in hedgehog populations. You can find out more via Hedgehog Street,

With less than a million Hedgehogs left in the UK, the 800 or so Hedgehog rescue centres provide a MASSIVE contribution to their conservation. However, as self funded volunteers they remain the unsung heroes. Hedgehog hospitals certainly don't have mountains of money or time available to raise awareness of their work, whilst holding down jobs and family life!

The Help Hedgehog Hospitals five year project is designed to encourage passionate individuals and local businesses to rise and work as a team in order to support Hedgehog rescues, raising awareness, whilst also raising funds to maintain, update and expand provisions and facilities. Micro-chipping is just one example of just how important rescues can be to conservation. Just imagine how many Hedgehogs are released back into suitable habitat every year!

So! What's the Plan?

  • This Summer, I shall be walking 25 miles across the South of Birmingham with Team4Nature to raise funds for Willows Hedgehog Rescue. The event will also serve to raise awareness of the rapid decline in UK hedgehog numbers and act as a launchpad for the five year Help Hedgehog Hospitals project.
  • This initial event will serve as a catalyst to help roll out the Help Hedgehog Hospitals project across the UK. As each hedgehog rescue registers with the project, we will use our network to find amazing Hedgehog Hospital Heroes in their area to take part in a sponsored event on Hedgehog Hospital Heroes Days in 2018.
  • As the project unfolds the aim is to create a Hedgehog Hospitals Forum, which will inherit the strength and structures created during the life of this five year project. This will provide a strong framework to support rescues beyond 2022.
  • Because part of the work of rescues involves a release program, this project also aims to support The Wildlife Trusts Living Landscapes habitat restoration program, during the life of the project, through a series of dedicated national events.

This really is a grass-roots project, requiring teamwork and people-power, in order to give hedgehog rescues the level of support that they desperately need and deserve, whilst also making a massive contribution to the recovery of UK hedgehog numbers. Here's how YOU can help:

  • Hedgehog Rescues can find out more about how they can benefit from free registration here. Once you are vetted and registered, we will help you find Hedgehog Hospital Heroes in your area to raise awareness and take part in annual fund-raising events, dedicated to your rescue.
  • Hedgehog Hospital Heroes - YOU ALL HAVE THE POWER TO PROTECT NATURE! If YOU are passionate about nature and want to get involved in the HELP HEDGEHOG HOSPITALS project, simply register here, and we will help you nominate a hedgehog rescue in your area to champion. 
  • Businesses - there are many ways for businesses to get involved in this project. You and your staff can become HEDGEHOG HOSPITAL HEROES or you can sponsor your local events. We also have businesses offering to donate a percentage of profits on particular product lines and offering donation codes for customers to use whilst ordering goods and services. All participating businesses will receive free promotion across the Team4Nature network, for as long as they are registered and contributing to the project. 
  • Please HELP make our launch eventMASSIVE SUCCESS! Email us at helphedgehoghospitals@gmail.com to receive updates regarding my 25 mile Summer walk, which you can support here. A successful launch event will inspire others to join this project. All donations go directly to the care of hedgehogs, so every contribution, no mater how small, will make a difference. 
  • Please spread the word about this five year project and share this site. 
  • If you love certified organic health and beauty products, then please visit my consultant's shop here. 25% of profits will be donated to Willows Hedgehog Rescue as part of the Help Hedgehog Hospitals Project. 
  • Support Live Campaigns
  • Declare Your Support for the 5 year Help Hedgehog Hospitals project.
  • Partner this project. We will be announcing our first project partners soon but if you would like to join forces, then please email us; helphedgehoghospitals@gmail.com
  • Please HELP raise awareness of the Help Hedgehog Hospitals five year project by JOINING and SHARING this thunderclap campaign. It is completely free and easy to JOIN. Simply click the "Join This Thunderclap" button below and then sign in using your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts: 

Thank you for your interest in this project and for caring about nature.

'Cherish the natural world, because you're part of it, and you depend on it" 

Sir David Attenborough